Deola Wambi Speak on his Forthcoming EP in An interview with Arbico Parrot correspondent Emmanuel Daraloye

Deola Wambi is one of the fast rising Indigenous Rapper in this metropolis,  recently the Owo born musical act spoke to Arbico Parrot correspondent Emmanuel Daraloye on what he has been up to,  why he doesnt believe in love and other sundry issues.


Arbico Parrot: Musically, what have you been up to lately?
Deola Wanbi: Well,  have about 20 recorded but unreleased songs right now which means I might be dropping an E.P by 2018 plus I’m trying to shoot some of my music videos so I can drop them whenever I’m ready to drop the songs

Arbico Parrot: Which song video are you shooting?

Deola Wambi: It’s an unreleased song so I’ll better keep it secret.

Arbico Parrot: How many song and video have you dropped this year?

Deola Wambi: None

Arbico Parrot: Why,Did you take a laid back?

Deola Wambi: Yes, got a new record deal this year so I had to work on the management’s schedule

Arbico Parrot: When should we be expecting your next single then?

Deola Wambi: My next song should be out by January and it’s a collaboration with Gabrielle way,a label mate..

Arbico Parrot: Who is producing this track and is it a rap or a dance tune?

Deola Wambi: It’s a rap tune produced by Nues On D Beat

Arbico Parrot: Neus again,It seems you have this good chemistry with him

Deola Wambi: My everyday producer

Arbico Parrot: How has been like working with him

Deola Wambi: To me, he’s a legend and my inspiration.The funniest part is, he also got signed to the same label as me

Arbico Parrot: How did you meet him?

Deola Wambi: Met him back in owo in 2014,went to record my first song in his studio for the first time and he said I don’t sound like a rapper lol, that I sound more like a preacher then he said I should take my money back and go back home and be a master in my craft then I should come back then when I went back he was amazed,he said he sees the future in me and since then we became brothers and he’s my only inspiration

Arbico Parrot: When are you going back to school for your Hnd?

Deola Wambi: I did nutrition and dietetics back then,So I’ll be going for Mass Communication.

Arbico Parrot: Why the change in course

Deola Wambi: Still have a lot to learn bout that commercial lifestyle,Stardom is so easy but not everyone can handle that shii

Arbico Parrot: How many tracks should we be expecting from your EP?

Deola Wambi: I’m not sure about dropping an E.P yet,It depends on the management,but if I am to drop one,then expect nothing less than 15 tracks.

Arbico Parrot: Any featuring?

Deola Wambi: Yes but it’ll be a secret till then

Arbico Parrot: Are you now close with your parent?

Deola Wambi: Definitely

Arbico Parrot: Which primary and secondary school did you attended?

Deola Wambi: Fourah Bay nur/pry sch,Rufus giwa staff sec sch

Arbico Parrot: Did you grow up in Owo?

Deola Wambi: Yes

Arbico Parrot: So, how was growing up like

Deola Wambi: Growing up was just normal for a pastor’s child like me

Arbico Parrot: Your parent are pastor,  why are you into hiphop, you ought to be doing gospel

Deola Wambi: I started as a gospel artist,My first 15 years in music was strictly gospel till the street came through.

Arbico Parrot: Did you regret leaving gospel for hip-hop

Deola Wambi: Sometimes cos (Because) I don’t read the Bible as much as I used to

Arbico Parrot: Musically,  who are the people you will like to work with?

Deola Wambi: Right now, I wish I could work with 2face, Oritse Femi, Omawunmi, Tiwa Savage and Simi.

Arbico Parrot: Someone told me you are from Iyere

Deola Wambi:  I’m not from Iyere, I’m just related to People from there somehow from the paternal grandmother

Arbico Parrot: What inspire your music?

Deola Wambi: What I feel at the moment, I just explain it in my songs

Arbico Parrot: Do u even fall in love at all? You are always rugged,have you ever  fallen in love

Deola Wanbi: I only love trap girls

Arbico Parrot: What’s the meaning of trap girl?

Deola Wambi: If I’ll tell a girl I love you it’s either she’s covered with tattoos or she’s an artist or she smokes or she’s a bitch or she has  big breasts 😂 if she doesn’t have any of those things….. My brother we be friends 😂 that’s why you can’t ever see me with a girl, I don’t do Porsche, I prefer hoes cos they bring more inspirations and speak the truth than Em mummy’s Pets.

Arbico Parrot: If a girl walk up to you and says Deola,  I love you,  let’s date,  what are you gonna say?

Deola Wambi: I’ll just say, Can you be my baby mama? Simple

Arbico Parrot: Do you subscribe to celebrities having baby Mamas?

Deola Wambi: No,I’ll only ask that question cos I know she’ll say no

Arbico Parrot: You rarely feature people in your songs, any reason for this?

Deola Wambi: No, it’s because I’ve always had a home studio and most times when I wanna record it’ll be in the midnight and it’ll be me and my producer  and most of my songs are impromptu cos I just record from the inspiration I have at the moment.

Arbico Parrot: Tell me the name of your last official girlfriend?

Deola Wambi: Ugbosanmi Fayokemi,a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University we left each other in peace, I just put a call through to her and I was like Baby let’s break up

Arbico Parrot: Can you remember your first public performance.

Deola Wambi: My first ever public performance was back in church 😂 bout 17years ago….  O ti pe gan

Arbico Parrot: Do you write before the beat or after the beat?

Deola Wambi: I don’t write most times, and when I write, it’s after the beat.

Arbico Parrot: Do u freestyle

Deola Wambi: I’m a freestyle artist

Arbico Parrot: Recently,MI,Said rapper should fix up their life

Deola Wambi: I think MI is probably high on some cheap drugs he should fix his own life and environment first before coming out to say something like that and rap is profitable, only depends on its uniqueness

Arbico Parrot: What do I need to do if I want to  be a good rapper?

Deola Wambi: I’ll say consistency and hardwork

Arbico Parrot: Any award so far?

Deola Wambi: 3 from Rufus Giwa, One from Osma and a lot on the streets.

Arbico Parrot: How much will it cost me to feature you?

Deola Wambi: Depends on the management but if you’re from Ondo State, it’s free

Arbico Parrot: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Deola Wambi: I don’t believe in love at all 😂 except the one in the Bible that says love your neighbor as yourself

Arbico Parrot: Can you remember how much was your first ever payment?

Deola Wambi: Cant remember but seems it was 11k then.

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