Hi, I am Pricilia an interior designer, age 23 from a young age onwards I was passionate about sex and had several experiences from my circle.

In this story, I am describing my experience with one of my friends, in fact, my friend’s boyfriend Mikel. I met him on by friends birthday. He is very hot and good looking with a height of 5’10. Ooohhhh sorry, I forgot to tell my figure is 36 26 34.

Now you can imagine I have big boobbs which is very attractive for most of the guys. We became friends on his birthday party and he was constantly noticing me through his corner eyes and on several occasions we faced each other and he gave me some naughty smile too with a compliment you are gorgeous.

Lately, he tried to touch me by mistake. Even I too was enjoying it. Then suddenly one day he said to me that he loves me and want me. At first, I was shocked and said no, how come you love me as you are my friend’s boyfriend. Then he told me your friend is not so gorgeous than you, since I have seen you on her birthday I can’t sleep a single day without dreaming about you baby.

Your friend is also very restrictive about everything, she didn’t even allow me to touch her many a times. Later he convinced me that life is to enjoy and he loves and deeply and want to have me and will be committed to me.

After many proposals from him, I accepted him as my partner with a condition that I will do whatever I want and I won’t be very much serious about him. So it all started with normal relationship hanging out together, dinner, shopping etc. One Saturday night we were chatting on WhatsApp.

Suddenly he asked me what’s your plan for tomorrow, I generally said I have to buy some inners in the morning and I have some work at home as many guests are coming during day time. He started forcing me to meet him and go for shopping together as we can spend some time together. I generally go for shopping alone especially when I buy some inners or hot pants for me but somewhere inside me, I started trusting him so I said ok meet me at 10.30 in the mall.

Sunday early morning he called me and asked me to get ready so that we can meet and spend some time together. We met near a park and from there we went to the mall on his bike. I was wearing tight jeans and a top with the deep neck. He complimented me many times saying you look so hot. During the shopping time, he intentionally started touching me on my asss and gave me a naughty smile. After taking some bra and panty for trial he asked me to show him how you look in your inners. Initially, I told no, but he started requesting me baby please please, please……

He: – I would love to see you in your inners baby

Me: – no, I can;t

He: – don’t you trust me, dear…I will just look at you and say whether it looks good on you or not.

Me: – ok.

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