I went for trial and I was looking damn hot in those red colour bikini. I opened my door a bit to show him how am I looking. He was stunned by looking at me, for few second he could not say any word than started saying I love you, you look so hot n sexy baby. You have great tits….. After that incidence he repeatedly texted me all the time that he love me a lot, I look so hot and he wants to marry me.

As I was busy during the day time with my family guest I could not answer his texts but while chatting at night he sent me a pic of me saying I just want to masturbate by looking at this picture of urs. I was shocked to see my pic in a bikini that I was wearing in trail room, I don’t know how he clicked that pic of me. I got angry with him saying I won’t talk to him ever, but he constantly asking me to forgive him for what he has done. And started sending in pics in underwear and nude pics. He has very good physic and dicck of size 8 inch I guess.

Since that day our friendship has changed into lust-ship… We started exchanging out hot pics and the way we would love to have sex. What type of position we like. After a couple of days, he asked me to come to his place as no one will be there at his home that day.

Finally that day came n he came to pick me up, I was wearing a white loose colour top without a bra and black colour jeans. As we entered his room, he hugged me tightly from back saying I wanted to focck you baby so hard since the day I saw you. As I too was waiting to have sex with him, I too didn’t oppose. I just smiled and said same here.

He put me on the floor and admired my beauty with hunger in his eyes. He came to me and kissed my forehead and said, you are killing me and he slowly pushed me to the wall. He kissed my cheeks, my earlobes and finally my lips. He was horny by now and started to kiss me hungrily, biting my lips, squeezing my hips and my back. I too became horny with his passion and started to kiss him.

He started to bite my lips and squeeze my boobbs hard. He came to my neck and started kissing me all over and started pressing my boobbs. As I was not wearing anything inside it came properly in his hands and all of a sudden he tore my top and throw it on a table.

He started squeezing my boobbs. I moaned in pleasure as his manly desires were eating me….


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