Finally, fuel will be sold at 60 Naira per
litter from Friday!!
I new it!
President Buhari made it clear 2 hours
ago on a private interview in Aso Rock, that fuel will be sold at 60 Naira per
litter starting from Friday 22nd
April, 2016.
President Buhari also said
that, the issue of Naira falling in value
will be resolved in less than a week, he
made it clear that by the time the naira issue is resolved, 60 Naira will = 1
Dollar and that will be in 3 weeks from now, it will become one Naira – one Dollar.
President Buhari also said that he
promised to change Nigeria at the right
time and that right time is now.
He also wanted to talk about
corruption, but my Tv exploded
immediately after he mentioned the
Word, “Corruption” and that was when
I woke up and discovered that it was all
a Dream. I sincerely apologize for playing with your emotions…

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