Speaking with Scripts concerning the controversy on his Wan Gba Video he disclose to us that he spend over five hundred thousand (500,000) on the wickeddirector directed video. See Full Interview below;

Interviewer: So Scripts welcome on board. We are here today talking about your Video that is about to drop
At first what was the inspiration behind Wan Gba??

Scripts: Actually Around those Times, I was randomly trying to Make Good Music,, Couple of Ideas like Love songs, Inspirational songs,, Until People started Feeling am losing That Rap Vibe…
So I thought I Should Do Something For Them!😎

Interviewer: Why do you decide to shoot a video for this track . ??

Scripts: When we dropped it,,, The Jam Was Everywhere….We never knew It would Make Such Rave….It turned out to Be My First Most Successful Project,,, so We Thought It shouldn’t end there,, following Up countless Numbers of suggestions from Fans To Shoot visuals for it….
We Have To Give the people What they Want..😎

Interviewer: Do you think people really love the song?

Scripts: Personally I think people Really Love it,,

Interviewer: Since when have you start the preparation for this video shoot ??

Scripts: Since We shot the Visuals , and that’s around February/March

Interviewer: OMG since February? And we are in September now. What caused the delay in releasing the video??

Scripts: Actually,, We Don’t just Drop projects Like that,, We have to plan A reasonable Strategy for It…The Audio Was still Wavy,,,and We were Thinking The Visuals Will Just follow Up when it’s about Leaving people’s Lips…
Besides, U know Scripts is A One Man Mopol for Now,, No Label Yet,,, So I Guess Promo Funds Hasn’t been That Easy…
This Sure Led to the Delay…

Interviewer: Some of your fans were like you don’t have enough money to complete the project so you abandon it. What your say to this???

Scripts: I dint abandon it,. That’s a wrong statement,,, I was Raising Enough Funds for The Promotion…And When I feel Its Now Enough, The video is Ready To Drop.

Interviewer: So now that you decide to release. What’s your expectation from the video? Do you think this will make you hit stardom??

Scripts: Actually if I dont believe in the Video, Or the promo plans, I wouldn’t Put in such Expenses…
I strongly Believe When this video hit your blogs and stations,, I am Definitely Going To Be The Topic of the Industry for the Rest of the Year….And Our prayers is We Hit Management/ Endorsement Deals,.

Interviewer: Such Expenses?? Okay lemme ask you this. If you are to estimate the total cost. What do you think it will be??

Scripts: I spent Arguably Above Half a Millie on Wan Gba Visuals…
The Shoot + The promo.

Interviewer: Do you still have project to run. B4 the year runs out??

Scripts: Nope actually,, I don’t have any in mind,, I plan to push the Visuals For the rest of the Year…
So even if I Run a project, Am Not going To Drop It until The video enjoy it’s time Enough…

Interviewer: Which rapper do you love listening to?

Scripts: I love listening to Ola Dips, Reminisce,,, Ycee,, couple of Em tho,, Let’s just say I love listening to Dope Mad Rap Projects… Irrespective of the artist…
Now that you are nominated in the Ondo State Music Award. Don’t you think you are too big for the award?? And do you think you can win it?

Scripts: I actually don’t feel am Too Big for the Award, I am In Ondo state here,, this Is My Home., In fact I Feel Honoured… Especially The fact I Got nominated in A whole Four Categories With a Single Track…That’s a Rather encouraging Move, and I feel I actually Got a Hit… Another reason The video Is Worth It..
Basically, I feel I Can Win It,, I v got Lovers and supporters that Actually Believe I deserve It

Interviewer: And lastly b4 we go. It was discover in a competition where Olamide of YBNL discovered Davolee, you are also in this same competition. But Olamide preferred Davolee to you. Does this means Davolee is far better than you ??

Scripts: That’s a wrong Gist actually,. Davolee Wasn’t discovered in a competition, And we weren’t in a competition,, It was An honorable Invitation from Hennessy,, Davolee Was Called,,.I Was Called Too, I was the Only Ondo Artist that Was Called Actually,,. To Freestyle Alongside Big stars like Vector…
Olamide Was Not even There That Night…

Scripts: So to Clear the Air,
Davolee Was discovered On IG,, Not in a competition With SCRIPTS…

Interviewer: Thank you for honoring our call. We hope you respond again when next we call you.
See you at the top soon!!!!

Scripts: Thanks

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