The actress who recently gave birth to her child is celebrating her little boy today as he clocks 4 months, she took to her page to gush about her unending love for her baby.

See Her words below…

My body has gone through changes…I have carried a child within it,Slept with him on my chest,I have Kissed little Lips,hands and feets, I have been pooped,peed and vommitted on,I have wiped away tears,also cried with him and stayed up all night cradling my child…

BUT I would have it no other way because when I look at the mirror and starring right back at me is an AWESOME GRACIOUS MOM & there is no greater Blessing,Honor OR LOVE!!! #HAPPY 4months KING-ANDRE,Thanks for giving my Life a purpose,

Thank you for choosing me and Thank you for giving me the opportunity to EXPERIENCE Love with my Whole heart.. Am Soo over joyed it brings tears down my cheeks..

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