Where Is Syemca?


It is one thing to climb to the top, it is another thing to remain at the top. Sustainability is never for the average man.

It is very dangerous to vanish away from the limelight. Isn’t it really dangerous? Take a look at the music industry, how many music artists have excellently remained the talk of the town?
Let’s bring it down to those artists who have gained fame showcasing their talent on our favourite TV shows. You remember MTN project fame, The Voice Nigeria, Nigeria Idol among many others.

Have you ask yourself why those who got fame through the reality shows are finding it very hard to sustain. There are some that we never heard of again.

Let’s narrow down our focus to Chukwuemeka Chike-Ezekpeazu who we all know as Syemca.
In 2017, it was predicted by many that Syemca would emerge as the winner of The Voice Nigeria season 2.

But what finally happened? He came out as the second runner up for that contest. Should we say those ahead of him in that very season performed better than him? Ever since then, the talk of Syemca hasn’t made it to the top.

Syemca made a name in that very season? But where is he now? Has he gone down the drain? Can his talent help him come back to the spotlight?

What happened to his career? Does he even have the passion to continue in the music industry? Or was he bittered because he came out as the second runner up in the season 2 of The Voice Nigeria? Maybe he’s frustrated?

Only a few such as Timi Dakolo, Inyanya, Chidinma, was able to beat through to the limelight. But even at that, not many people are talking about these ones. They’re not even among the top 10 in Nigeria.

Come to think of it, why is that those who rose to stardom without showcasing their talent on any reality TV show are still the subject of the town? Why is it that these set of people have a lot of followers across all social media platforms? Then, does that mean that there’s some kind of restriction that’s attached to gaining fame through our reality TV shows?
Syemca was well talked about in 2017. He was known for his angelic voice. But where is he now? What has happened to his angelic voice?

Where is Syemca? Is he even signed to any record label? Would he still be able to rise to the limelight? Well, the ball lies in his court.


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